Why should you live in Cabo Norte? Cabo Norte is the first planned community in southeastern Mexico.

Cabo Norte is an integral community, converging people from different cities living in harmony with each other.

Designed to offer its homeowners premium services such as education and leisure, fostering the connection between people and nature through exclusive green areas, lakes, and theme parks.

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We are proud to cater the most demanding lifestyles.

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We know a community's happiness is not measured by the number of amenities, but by the positive impact they have on its homeowners.


Live in the safest city in Mexico is a guarantee of peace of mind. However, in Cabo Norte we offer a wide infrastructure with restricted access to residential areas to take care of you and your property.


In Cabo Norte we invest significantly to develop and preserve natural spaces such as lakes and trails surrounded by endemic vegetation, allowing homeowners to enjoy the connection with nature every day.


We believe life is better when you share it with others. For this reason, the spaces and activities in Cabo Norte are planned to share unforgettable experiences with other families.


1. Amura Casa Club

2. Main Lake

3. Central Park

4. Access Residential Area I

5. Access Residential Area II

6. Pet Park

7. Adult Park

8. Espina Verde

9. Central Casa Club

10. Aqua Park

11. Baby Park

12. Fitness Start

13. Services

Residential areas

14. Meriden

15. Arietta

16. Primaselva

17. Ravenna

18. Boreta

19. Andana

20. Lantia

21. Mesana

22. Licata

Commercial areas

23. Sports World Cabo Norte

24. La Isla Cabo Norte

25. Colegio Teresiano Enrique de Ossó

Luxury apartments


Exclusive gated community of apartments with epic views and unique amenities in Merida

  • Cenote-style pool and river
  • Bali pool with waterfall
  • Private Casa Club with lush greenery and palafitos
  • Access to all Cabo Norte amenities
Discover PrimaSelva




Gated residential lots with security, controlled access and full services at the lot entrance



Exclusive gated community of residential lots featuring epic views of the new lakes and central garden

  • Residential lots for presale
  • Overlooking the amphitheater and new lakes
  • Private central garden
  • Access to all Cabo Norte amenities

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Gated residential lots with private casa club

  • Residential lots for presale
  • Private Casa Club including tennis court and swimming pool
  • Connects to the "Espina Verde" (3 miles walking trail)
  • Access to all Cabo Norte amenities

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